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Print ads

Pit Liquor creates different magazine print ads simulating the lifting of your arm

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pit spa happy hour

There are spa packages for most parts of our bodies except for our pits, which is why Pit liquor creates pop-ups in various salons across multiple cities, with armpit pampering treatments happy hour, from 6PM TO 7PM, everyday. To reach more neglected armpits Pit Liquor creates  party prep and after party pit spa packages.


During Beyoncé’s live tour, while she performs, ‘Single ladies’, during the verse, “All the single ladies, Now put your hands up”, Pit Liquor interrupts the concert LED screens by focussing on selected pits from the audience with the message : Music for your pits, by Pit Liquor, as a dedication to all the armpits out there.

Music for your pits

By Alejandra Chavez (CW)